HAWAII, 2017.
MICHAELA WAIN SWIM is a luxe swimwear line created and designed by Australian model, Michaela Wain.
The first range of MICHAELA WAIN SWIM has been inspired by Hawaii: clear waters, pristine sand and tropical heat. 
Hawaii is one of my happy places in the world. It is an oasis of calm. The horizon of Aztec blue water and the small ocean waves of Kauai inspired the Indigo Snake print. The simplicity of the lifestyle inspired me to make life simple for you – I have the selected four tones that can be worn effortlessly. There will be colour that suits you, whether you have a Hawaiian tan or not.
The inspiration for my next line will come from another exotic location: soaking up the culture, admiring the textiles, exploring and capturing the sun-drenched land to bring back to you.
The story behind MICHAELA WAIN SWIM begins where it matters most: not in the design room, but by trying on and testing out thousands of bikinis. I have modelled different styles, cuts and fabrics, and in the process, I have learned what works best.
I have carefully designed MICHAELA WAIN SWIM for every girl who wants to be confident in the sun.  A line specifically designed to cater to individual shapes and sizes, from size 6 to 14.  A line conceived to combine sophisticated colours, flattering cuts and soft fabrics for luxurious swimwear. A line to inspire you to travel to the sun-drenched reaches of the world.
My mission is that my swim range will make you feel sexy, sophisticated and confident. Enduring quality, comfortable-to-wear and location-inspired designs – MICHAELA WAIN SWIM will add some ‘luxe’ to your lifestyle. Lead a life full of endless summers, youth and possibility. 


 Follow me as I chase the sun. x